Professor Helen Cooper: Research Lead: University of Chester


I have a long association with diabetes, not only in my work as a Diabetes Nurse Specialist and later as a University Lecturer and Researcher but also because I have lived with the disease since I was 8 years old. As the Principal Investigator for this study, my job is to oversee the production of ADNAT so that young people will be able to try something out that is very different to what they currently know.

Dr. Joy Spencer: ADNAT Researcher, University of Chester
I am one of the researchers working on the development of ADNAT. Before working on this project, I conducted a research study exploring the ex‚Äčperiences of young people with Type 1 diabetes and their parents. This study highlighted the need for individual, needs-assessed education for young people with Type 1 diabetes and this is the basis for ADNAT. My role on the ADNAT study is to recruit young people to help us to develop the tool from six diabetes clinics in the North West of England, and to collect data from them completing the tool over the three stages of development.

Sara Wheeler: ADNAT Researcher, University of Chester


I have worked with young people in a variety of settings over the last 11 years, including home work clubs, community projects in Spain, and research projects relating to choices about lifestyle. As a researcher on the project I am interested in finding out from young people how we can make ADNAT as much fun as possible to use, whilst also ensuring that it provides a good level of information and support.

Mark Johnson

As an educational technologist working for the Institute for Educational Cybernetics in Bolton University, I am interested in the way technology can change the way learning is organised. Technologies like the internet have transformed the way we gain information about our health and on ADNAT, I am interested in the way that this increased access to knowledge can be harnessed to the direct benefit of patients. From increasing accessibility to the ADNAT questionnaire, to creating opportunities for sharing experiences, to affording amazing opportunities for modelling and simulation, technology plays an important role. However, I'm also interested in the down-sides. Computers are no replacement for people, and the personal transparency of the web can be threatening for some. So my job is often to 'steer' a passage through this confusing landscape- which is why I'm particularly interested in 'cybernetics' - or the science of 'steering' (cyber = steersman).

Dr. Gillian Lancaster

Dr. Rebekah Lwin

Dr. Mo Didi